Home Exercise Equipments

Even Calisthenics is a workout method without an external weight equipment, it does not exclude useful tools, which have supportive or base element role in the training. Anyway, to get started, you do not need necessarily money to start your Calisthenics training. Actually you don’t need equipment for that at all. If happens, you will find bodyweight exercising developing and rewarding as any training should be, you may buy some home exercise equipment later if like. I have used Amazon products in my listing. Products in pictures are my picks.

Workout Equipment

Exercise Mats

The base platform for so many movements. Use for  multipurpose. It is always more comfortable to train on good mat than use cold hard floor or carpet. Quite self-explanatory.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands play two important role. As name tells, bands work as resistance, but they can work also as support in progress-making situations. As in by holding part weight of the body to easing the movement, or by keeping part of the body in wanted position. Bands are available in many sizes and strength. Usually as material is used latex and their nature is great in endurance with super elastic features. Still, I suggest to look after quality which means weaved material which are more durable. For different purpose, is ideal to use different strength. For heavier weight, get bigger (stronger) band (as for pull-ups). If can buy only one band, usually middle strength works for many situations.

Pull-up Bars

What to look in pull-up bars? Look after safety! You want especially safe platform which you can trust to hold your weight without problems. Mooring is up to you. Just be sure your doorway is enough strong to hold the bar and you not make success by breaking door frames.

Push-up Handles

Handles purpose is to support by keeping focus in right places and to let you perform more controlled, deeper and more effective push-up. They can use also for more purposes as in for L-sit or handstand. Look after handles which do not feel bad in hands and stay robust and non-slip on the ground.

Handles may cause wrist pain for someones, so stretching wrists properly before use is recommendable. There are also handles in the listing, which have rotating ability. This helps particularly in wrist strain due the movements.


Base platform to train movements like L-sit, levers, dips etc. Parallels should be robust and enough high for wanted movements, simple as it sounds.


Rings are very effective as you have to keep tension up to control your position and movement. Usually not for beginners but I think it is good to get the right feeling early. Wooden rings are said to feel better in hands than metallic or plastic, but that is up to trainer. Rings are good equipment to take with you outdoors, as there is plenty of places. Any bar, wood branch or so could use as attach platform.


These apparatuses are for multi-purpose. For pull-ups, dips, leg-raises etc. Look after safety and sturdy, stable platform. It’s possible to get quality product for quite affordable price.

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