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Even Calisthenics is a workout method without an external weight equipment, it does not exclude useful tools, which have supportive or base element role in the training. Anyway, to get started, you do not need necessarily money to start your Calisthenics training. Actually you don’t need equipment for that at all. If happens, you willRead More

Calisthenics and Exercises

Calisthenics mean exercising with your own body weight, by using it as resistance in movements, usually without external weight equipment. It is well suitable method for everybody in need of developing their physical abilities and abundance, as it focuses to entire body as well as specific areas. Background of Calisthenics Calisthenics roots has said to reachRead More

Calisthenics vs Weight Exercising

Calisthenics vs Weight exercising

These both training forms have own strengths and are excellent for fitness. Let’s look into their uniques as well as similarities. Meaning of Calisthenics Calisthenics is exercise method, which focuses to train body without use of external weights. Instead Calisthenics (persons) use their own weight of the body as resistance in movements which need coordinationRead More