Purpose of this website

My purpose is to share basic knowledge about body exercising and other things which somehow connect to exercising. I will post also reviews about equipment and offer you variety about items, which I believe are useful, durable and quality for training. Even I am not professional or top-level trainer, I’ll recommend, encourage and motivate everybody to exercise and of course this helps myself too to keep focus and fitness on certain level on this great enthusiasm.

About training

So why I should put time and effort for training then?

Well, as says common sense, if not many times scientifically affirmed also, body exercising improves basic abundance and common health on many ways. It reduces stress. Self-discipline develops through constant training, which is very important in everyday life and on the way to any success. Training heightens self-image, making to feel more confident. Training is much about challenging and excelling oneself. It often takes much, but also gives a lot. Competing and comparing your own today-self against yesterday-self or last week’s and so on.

Exercising makes you feel better, look better, and be more confident in general. That is good reward.

How I train myself?

I prefer Calisthenics approach to decide exercising movements, but I use to mix some traditional “iron pumping” to routines also. Anyway I do not use the most modern devices or do high-level exercises. The most certainly my purpose is to have good full-body workout routine through the week. Some body parts are parted to another days. At some day focus is on legs etc. Anyway, in every training, I always do push-ups, pull-ups, squads and core exercises, no matter what. I also like chain or combine movements and to train workout circuits.

Speaking shortly about Calisthenics, it ultimately focuses to use own body weight as resistance in movements, as weight-training uses external equipment (barbell, dumbbell etc.) according to its name. In Calisthenics has lots of variations from popular movements like push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, levers and so on. Calisthenics is the most probably the oldest and most scrambled form of body exercising in human history. Popularity has been in rise last decades, thanks to several built street workout parks all over the world, great youtubers, some specific TV shows and ofcourse equipment development in general.

Last words for reader

I hope you feel this site as helpful and wish you good luck and determination in your exercises.

In situations when you feel unmotivated, keep in mind your ultimate Intention and goals, why you are training. Focus to everything you are doing in exercises. To every movement, to every targeted muscle. Lastly, keep consistency up. It is not easy but that’s how you can make success on basic root level. Enjoy your training!

If you will have questions regarding the website, or wish to leave comment, please feel free to do so. For now, site is still under construction from the main parts, but all in time. High fives!




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